#4HLFamilies Zoom Features Family Stories

On July 18, 2021, three parents of children affected by 4H (POLR3-Related) Leukodystrophy shared their children’s and families’ stories. They discussed the stories of their diagnoses, challenges and successes, and key choices they’ve made in their children’s medical care. Their stories highlight the broad spectrum in the effects of 4H and the resilience of our patient and families community.

Following the #4HLFamilies stories, parents discussed questions they have about particular care choices they’ve made or are considering.

Ron Garber from the Yaya Foundation also shared updates about the recently launched 4H Leukodystrophy Data Collection Program, an exciting upcoming grant announcement, and preliminary plans for a 4H Family and Scientific Conference in 2022.

Click to see the recording of the #4HLFamilies call:



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