The Yaya Foundation Announces the Launch of a Brand Refresh and New Website!

Since its founding in 2018, The Yaya Foundation has been the first ever organization dedicated to fighting for children and families affected by 4H Leukodystrophy. We are driven by the dream that one day, every person affected by 4H Leukodystrophy will have the chance to live a long, healthy life.

We won’t stop until we find a treatment and, ultimately, a cure; and we wanted to refresh our brand to reflect our vision, our drive, our commitment, and our care.

The refreshed brand still represents the aspiration, perseverance, and strength of the goat. The inclusion of the heart in our logo is an explicit reminder of the care we have for and within our community. Our hope is that this refreshed brand is familiar, yet even stronger in reflecting the Yaya Foundation’s ambitions for accelerating the pace of discovery by bringing the research community together, while connecting families with vital education resources and emotional support.

Similarly, we wanted our newly designed website to include the same resources that you have become familiar with, but also some new ones such as:

Our hope is that this refreshed brand and new website will drive the momentum even more on our goals to connect, support, and empower families affected by 4H Leukodystrophy and their loved ones.

Please share your feedback and send any questions to Thank you for your continued support!


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